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How to Travel with Children

How to Travel with Children

When you decide to travel with your children, finally checking into your luxury Bali villa can feel like the best thing in the world. After all, trying to organise not only yourself but your children on a long-haul flight can feel like achieving the impossible. However, when you master it and make it to your destination and settle into your Bali villas for a relaxing holiday, you now feel like you can tackle anything.

Travelling with children is not the most straightforward task, but when you follow these tips below, you can make it a far less stressful experience. You can then start your holiday on the right foot.

Do as Much in Advance as Possible

Trying to keep excited children contained when you’re waiting in an airport queue can feel like herding chickens. If you want to skip the fuss, take care of as many airport tasks at home as possible. Rather than wait in queues to get your boarding passes and check in, print them at home then check in using your provider’s app. You can then sit down, chill out, and wait for your plane to arrive.

Know the Rules

Every airline has a different list of rules when it comes to travelling with children. It is not the same across the board. Therefore, when you’re preparing your itinerary and flights and booking your Bali villas accommodation, it’s worthwhile to read the fine print on your flight information. Find out whether any young children need their own seat and at what age they can sit on your lap. Most airlines allow young children under two to sit on your lap, but it’s not the case for all.


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