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Customs and Cultures in Bali

Customs and Cultures in Bali

If you have booked a stay for you and your loved ones in a luxury Bali villa, then you can now look forward to a well-deserved holiday. You’ll be able to relax poolside, lounge at the beach, and enjoy traditional cuisine and Balinese culture. However, while you might be researching where the best places to stay in Bali are, or what the best tourist attractions are, don’t forget to look into and understand the etiquettes and customs. The more you know, the better your holiday experience will be.

Put a Smile on Your Dial

How often would you walk past someone in the street and grin at them? In most places, it’s not common. However, in Bali, you will look out of place if you don’t smile. One of the best forms of communication in Bali is a smile. Balinese locals think nothing of smiling at each other as they pass in the street, so make sure you return the favour.

Keep Calm

Balinese locals do not think highly of public displays of emotion or confrontation. They avoid it wherever possible. If you argue, get emotional, or become loud and aggressive, you will not earn the respect of the locals – nor will any complaints be taken seriously.

Make Time for Conversation

One thing you will notice as you stay in Bali villas is that most people are very social. The further out of the tourist areas you get, the more locals want to stop and chat. It’s not uncommon to become involved in lengthy discussions with locals that end in invitations to their homes for meals.


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